Cupcake Diaries

Written under the name Coco Simon.

14Cupcake CureThe Cupcake Diaries is a series about four middle-school girls who start their own cupcake business: Katie, Mia, Alexis, and Emma. I write all the books about Katie and Mia under the name Coco Simon.

I love to bake, and each time I write a Cupcake Diaries book I experiment with new recipes so that the girls in the club can make them, too.

I also like to interview kids I know to find out what life is like in middle school today. My nieces Julia and Hana; my friends Juliet, Sarah, and Allora; and my stepson Zane have all helped me. Thanks, guys!

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Cupcake Diaries is an adorable tween series. Katie’s Cupcake Cure is the first book, and I really enjoy reading about these four friends. Each of the books is from another character’s point of view, which is refreshing, and the story lines deal with true tween issues – divorce, moving, starting middle school, growing apart from friends, finding new friends, etc.

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You will love it. Cupcakes rock!

Ella, an reviewer