Dragon Masters

dragonmasterA fully-illustrated early chapter book series filled with dragons, wizards, magic, and more! The Dragon Stone has chosen Drake, Ana, Rori, and Bo. They live in King Roland’s castle in the Kingdom of Bracken. There, they learn how to connect with the dragon they have been paired with. With the help of Griffith, a wizard, they must uncover their dragons’ special powers.


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Meet the Dragon Masters


He worked on his family’s onion farm until King Roland’s soldier whisked him away to become a Dragon Master. His dragon is Worm.


The Kingdom of Bracken is a long way from her home in the land of the pyramids. She misses the sun and the sand. Her dragon is Kepri.


She knows that she is the best Dragon Master, and her dragon is the best! Her dragon is Vulcan.


Shy and quiet, Bo is from the faraway kingdom of Emperor Song. His dragon is Shu.


He lives in the Land of Pyramids, where he comes from a long line of Dragon Masters. His dragon is Wati, the Moon Dragon.


At first, Petra was afraid to meet her three-headed Poison Dragon, Zera, but she wouldn’t admit it. Now she loves being a Dragon Master!

Meet the Dragons


He is an Earth Dragon. He has a long, body like a snake. He has tiny wings, no legs, and cannot fly.


She is a Sun Dragon. She has shimmering white scales and can shoot light rays from her mouth.


He is a Fire Dragon. He’s big, red, and tough, and can breathe fire.


She is a Water Dragon. She flies by riding the winds and can shoot powerful streams of water. She has blue scales.


He is a moon dragon, and Kepri’s twin. His moonbeams are both beautiful and powerful.


This three-headed Poison Dragon is a type of dragon known as a hydra. She shoots poison from her mouths, but she also has the power to heal.

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Drake doesn’t like digging onions, but he’s resigned to that future. That is, until one of the king’s men scoops him up and whisks him away to the castle to become a Dragon Master. When faced with the door to the dungeon, Drake thinks the onion field might be the better choice. But then he sees the dragons. Disappointment strikes again when he meets his particular dragon: the Earth Dragon. It’s not flashy, can’t fly, and looks like a snake. Still, Drake senses a connection and names it Worm. The two form a bond and save the other dragons and their masters when they attempt to break the rules. In this first of the Dragon Masters series, vocabulary is accessible; sentences, paragraphs, and chapters are short; and dialogue moves the story along rapidly. Black-and-white sketch-type drawings add depth to the story and feelings to the characters (both children and dragons). Emergent readers will find happy success here.

J.B. Petty, Booklist

I’m always looking for good books to share with my students in my classroom. I have found it in this one. Boys and girls alike loved the way the characters worked with one another and a pacing of the story. The reading level is low enough that 2nd-3rd graders are able to read it but not feel like they are being “childish” books. The book kept the attention of my third graders and they asked to borrow it…pretty much most of them asked to borrow it. (They had to take turns.) The pictures are great and I’ll be looking to add more of the author’s work to my classroom library!

Mom of One, an Amazon Vine reviewer

Brief chapters, large print, lots of action, attractive illustrations in every spread, including a maplike panorama, an enviable protagonist—who wouldn’t want to be a Dragon Master?—all combine to make an entertaining read. With plenty left to be resolved, the next entry will be eagerly sought after.

Kirkus Reviews

A YouTube Review

Dragon Masters fan Adrian talks about Rise of the Earth Dragon and Saving the Sun Dragon in this youtube video. If you ever upload a video review of any of my books, please sure to let me know!